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Special Parts

We can provide you with items made to the most complicated drawings and from all kinds of materials. In addition to conventional and CNC drilled parts, milled parts and longitudinal-turned parts, we also provide punched parts, bent parts and lasered parts, as well as hot and cold shaping with multistage presses.

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In addition to our normal services, we also fulfill special needs per request:

• Parts similar to DIN: standard components, adapted to the special needs of our clients
• Special coupling components: we develop new solutions based on special needs
• Special parts based on drawings by customers …whether it be drilled, milled, pierced, bent, compressed, cast, forged or welded
• Special materials highly resistant to corrosion, exposure to fluids and extreme temperatures, and designed to improve functionality
• Special surface treatment and finishing designed to prevent loosening of screws and nuts resulting from adhesive coating, to effectively protect surfaces against corrosion, reduce friction and improve visual appearance

Cold formed parts
Special screws, double pins, internally threaded parts und sleeves for batch requirements in large quantities
Material: steel, stainless steel, aluminum, nonferrous metal, special materials
Warm formed parts
Bolts, construction parts, special screws and nuts with a high degree of formation or small quantities
Material: steel, stainless steel, special materials
Precision turned parts
Machine manufactured construction parts threaded or unthreaded and in small or large quantities
Material: steel, stainless steel, aluminum, nonferrous metal, special materials
Punching and bending parts
Construction and disc parts made out of sheet or band material
Material: steel, stainless steel, aluminum, nonferrous metal, special materials Stanzbiegeteile

» Taking care of your needs.

» …in 3 easy steps:

1. We receive your request

2. We contact the right manufacturer

3. We present you with a suitable offer

» News.

» Special needs often require individual solutions. The greatest potential for economization can be found when it comes to finding the ideal solution to a coupling problem. These solutions are often to be found with non-standardized components and it is often these solutions that present the economic and technical optimum. For example: optimum material for the area of application, multi-functional coupling techniques, structural component solutions, etc.«

» Screw retention.

» Screw retention refers to the measures taken to prevent the loosening of a bolted joint, which can result from external influences such as vibration, corrosion and settling of a joint. This can generally be accomplished with additional (mostly strained) components, specially formed parts or adhesive. «


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