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Here you will find all items related to our photovoltaik mounting system

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(All prices are net excluding sales tax)


Prices in this shop apply to private clients and corporate clients working with small installations up to ca. 10kWp. Retailers and bulk buyers please contact us to receive special access.



Additional information about the Shop: Our Onlineshop is based on the programming language Java. If you haven’t activated this feature, you might not be able to access the Shop. Please send us your request.

Some of the larger item groups take a few seconds to load with a DSL-connection; please don’t leave the shop immediately!

Non-standard coupling components such as particle board screws, plumbing screws und façade screws, hanger screws und hammer-head screws, pull-off and sleeve nuts, Schnorr lock washers, body discs, thread and spacer sockets will be available soon in our Onlineshop.

Missing items are available by request.

» Shipping costs, payment etc.

» Shipping::


Products for packing and pallet storage over 1.000 euros are shipped free of charge (by ordering in the online shop). We calculate shipping costs for long products (mounting rails at 6 meters for example) according to weight. You can find further information in the Shop or in our delivery program.



» Payment options:

  • Paypal advance payment

  • Advance bank transfer

  • On an account (only by prior arrangement)


Minimum order value::


The current minimum order value is 60 euros. «

» Discounts for the Onlineshop.

» We give the following discounts:

  • According to the order value

  • By purchase of multiple units/packages of the same item«

You can find the respective discount categories on the home page and on the help page for the online shop. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

» Our general terms and conditions.

» Here are our general terms and conditions for


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