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About Us

« The aesthetic of our time is success. »

Andy Warhol






Profiness enters the coupling component market as a young company, ready to blaze new trails with the experience of its qualified handling and logistics personnel.

We take pains to assure that our customers receive their materials in the desired time frame, at the quality standards that they desire and all this at wholesale prices.

Through close co-operation with our exclusive delivery partners in all attractive procurement markets we can offer you a constantly evolving range of products, always for the same favorable rates.

Our tightly knit network of competent partners throughout the renewable energy sector is able to offer many advantages in the development of investment projects; such as open space and field systems.

Short delivery times being our specialty, we can supply approximately 50,000 different stainless connectors directly from our stock. We deliver bar-pressed aluminum profiles in various lengths at inexpensive rates directly to your warehouse or building site, thereby saving you the prohibitive cost of storage.

Take a look at our current presentation dealing with photovoltaic installation systems:

Item photovoltaic/Company presentation


Our customers’ satisfaction is at the heart of each and every one of our endeavors. We would like to be a competent partner in finding answers to all of your material management, logistical and qualitative questions. We seek to accomplish this through:

-  ensuring deliverability through rational procurement and stock-keeping
-  The constant continued education of our employees with the goal of enabling them to act optimally and independently while showing awareness for quality and cost along the lines of the zero-error principle.
-  A modern IT and communications system geared towards providing the information our clients need in order to solve their procurement problems.
-  Constant improvement of our system


» C-Parts-Management.

» In the field of materials management parts are separated into three tiers: A, B and C parts. This view stems for the ABC analysis and serves to prioritize all parts and structural components by importance.

· A parts are very important, costly and are only needed singly or in small amounts. (ex. Motor V8 235 PS)

· B parts make up the mid range. These are less important, used frequently and less expensive.

· C parts are relatively unimportant, inexpensive, easily replaceable and regularly used. (ex. Cylinder Screw M6)

» e-business.

» e-Business is the term used to define integrated execution of all automatable business processes through the use of information and communication technology. Our online shop is there to help you automate all your operations in a myriad of ways. «

» 4 Divisions.

» Normal stainless parts

· Mounting systems for photovoltaic

· Specialized screws / special parts manufactured according to your drawing or sample.

· Providing for Renewable Energy projects.

Profiness GmbH  •  Straßburger Straße 311   •  46045 Oberhausen